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    Q:   What services are provided with the online payment function?
    A:   You can make payments from your computer and correspond with the Wells Fargo Financial customer service department by email.
    Q:   Is the online payments function a free service?
    A:   Yes! There are no fees charged for this service by Wells Fargo Financial. However, fees may be assessed and billed separately by your funding provider and online service provider. Please contact those providers directly for more information.
    Q:   Can I make online payments if I live outside the U.S.?
    A:   No. This service requires a U.S. grade browser, which is not allowed to be exported from the U.S.
    Q:   How can I contact Wells Fargo Financial customer service for information regarding online payments?
    A:   You can contact one of our Customer Service Representatives by calling 877-805-7744.
    Q:   What happens if the site is unavailable?
    A:   When the site is unavailable, an error page automatically appears. Try again later or contact Customer Service at 877-805-7744.
    Q:   Why does the session timeout?
    A:   After 15 minutes of inactivity you will be prompted to sign on again. This is for your security.
    Q:   How am I guaranteed my personal information is secure?
    A:   This application is hosted within a secure firewall environment and only accessible by establishing and inputting a User ID and Password.
    Q:   How does the online payments function work for joint account holders?
    A:   A borrower or co-borrower can individually enroll for payments online under the borrower's name. Individuals that enroll need to select their own password.
    Q:   What if my personal information changes?
    A:   Our Update Preferences screen allows you to change your email address and password for online payment reasons only. Other personal information changes such as name or address should be made by contacting Customer Service.
    Q:   Will I receive any email notifications?
    A:   Yes. You will receive an email notification when:
  • you enroll
  • you schedule a payment
  • your payment is submitted for processing
  • you cancel a payment
  • you change your password or email address
  • you forget your User ID or password and answer your security question
  • you are locked out for entering your User ID and password incorrectly to many times
  • your financial institution returns your payment to us for any reason (such as insufficient funds, wrong account number, etc.)
  • Q:   What do I do if I am not receiving emails?
    A:   Check your email address on the Update Your Profile page. If the email address is listed correctly, ensure your internet service provider’s spam blocking software allows you to receive email and that Wells Fargo Financial is listed as a trusted sender.
    Q:   What happens if the session times out prior to me completing my enrollment or scheduling a payment?
    A:   When there is no onscreen activity for 15 minutes, your session is reset for your security. If you have not completed your enrollment or payment information, you must sign on again and re-enter it. You will receive an email confirmation that you have successfully completed enrollment. Payments that have been successfully scheduled will be displayed on the Payment Confirmation page along with a Payment Tracking Number.
    Q:   How quickly will by payment be applied to my account?
    A:   If your payment is made prior to the daily cutoff (2:00 PM Pacific time), your payment will be applied day. If it is made after the 2:00PM Pacific time cutoff, it will be applied the following business day.

    Q:   What information do I need to enroll?
    A:   You must supply your name as it appears on your billing statement, account number, last four digits of the primary borrower’s social security number and an email address. In addition, you will be asked to create a User ID, a password, a security question and answer at the time of enrollment.
    Q:   How long does it take from when I enroll to when I can make a payment?
    A:   The enrollment verification process is effective immediately. You will have the ability to initiate a payment during the same online session.
    Q:   How do I create a User ID and password?
    A:   Your User ID and password are created when you enroll. When you select your User ID, you must remember it exactly (it is case sensitive). Password must be between six and 32 characters and contain at least one letter (A-Z) and one number (0-9).
    Q:   What do I do if I forget my password?
    A:   Just click on the “I forgot my password” link on the sign on page and follow the directions provided. If you are unable to complete the process, please contact Customer Service at 877-805-7744.

    Q:   What type of payment method do I need for online payments?
    A:   Your personal checking or savings account(s) can be used for funding your online payments.
    Q:   Can I set up more than one payment method?
    A:   Yes. You can add additional checking or savings accounts during or after your initial enrollment. Go to the Payment screen and add an account.
    Q:   When do my payments post and when is the money deducted from my checking or savings account?
    A:   Payments are posted on the business day you select. See payment date options for details. Money is withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the same day, or thereafter. Please note that Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays are considered non-business days.
    Q:   What does payment scheduled mean?
    A:   When looking at the View Payments page, your payment(s) will have a status of Scheduled, Processed, or Cancelled. When your payment is Scheduled, a date for payment has been set up in the system. You can cancel a Scheduled payment using the link provided. Payments that are Processed cannot be cancelled.
    Q:   Can I obtain proof of payment?
    A:   All online payments are displayed on the View Payments page. You can use this information as proof of payment. You will also receive an email confirming your payment has been processed.
    Q:   What happens if I set up a payment and do not have sufficient funds in my checking or savings account?
    A:   If you do not have sufficient funds when your payment is scheduled to post, your bank may return the electronic payment and we will reverse it from your account. You will be subject to any return check fee provisions that apply to your account as disclosed in your account agreement.
    Q:   What happens if I am late making a payment?
    A:   You are able to make a payment towards your account after the due date; however you will be subject to any late charge provisions that apply to your account as disclosed in your account agreement. Payment cutoff times: Payments made after 2 pm PT will be processed the following day or any day thereafter that you select. Any payment in the "scheduled" status may be modified or cancelled. PLEASE NOTE:  We do not process payments on weekends or Federal Holiday.
    Q:   Can I view my online payment history?
    A:   Yes. This information is available from the time you enroll and is viewable on your payment history page. Up to 24 months of history will be available for viewing.
    Q:   Can I set up online payments to pay each bill monthly?
    A:   No, if you would like to set up automatic monthly payments, please contact Customer Service at 877-805-7744.
    Q:   Can I cancel a payment?
    A:   Yes, as long as the payment is still showing as Scheduled. Go to the View Payments screen and click the Cancel link to cancel the payment.
    Q:   Can I make payments online and sometimes pay by check?
    A:   Yes. If it is more convenient for you to send a check you can do so.